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Leadership & Management

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Whether you are a team leader or a senior manager, great leadership and management training will inspire you to lead with excellence.

You may be looking to progress in your current career or investigating the possibility of a step up in a new environment. If so, our free of charge, comprehensive course will provide you with the skills you need and together with a guaranteed interview you will be more than ready to leap onto the next rung of your career ladder.


To be a good leader you must be confident, caring and brave. As a hard-working manager, your team will look to you for a way forward, for motivation. We have years of experience working with small, medium and large global companies. We know what they are looking for and we know how to deliver.


Completing our leadership and management training course will ensure you are fully equipped with the tools you need. As a result, you will be armed with the exact skills and knowledge that our top UK clients are looking for.


As a trainee, you will cover a wide range of subjects during a carefully created and accredited two-week program including:


Management Development – motivating a team, building experience, strategic perspective, change management, negotiation skills

People Management – performance management, effective delegation, office management, leadership styles, innovative problem-solving

Strategy and action – translating strategy into action, business process mapping, developing business plans, implementing change, people engagement, coaching and mentoring.


Following completion of your free of charge training course, your friendly, professional consultant will prepare you for interview and support you throughout the application process. Our excellent aftercare service is there to help you get settled and to keep you updated with any new and exciting training opportunities.


Training can be delivered on-site at your place of work or instead, at one of our five conveniently located centres across London, South East, the Midlands or Manchester.


To find out more about how Dhunay Corps can help you become an inspirational leader,

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