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Free Retail Training for your Workforce


The retail sector is both competitive and challenging. It takes a talented, knowledgeable team to successfully meet the demands of success in this sector. Recruiting and retaining the very best retail personnel can be a time-consuming, costly quest. Dhunay Corps has a proven track record in providing and coaching skilled and capable staff for a network of top UK companies including retail giants Tesco and Primark.


We know how important it is for you to establish rapport with your customers, motivate buying behaviour and to minimise any missed opportunities. Working with a trusted network of partners and awarding bodies, we are able to design and develop a highly effective training program which is fully aligned with your needs and processes.


Our training provision is unrivalled and our program comprehensive


  • We focus learners on the positive impact they can have on your business and lead them towards:
  • An understanding of the effect of customer service on retail businesses
  • Understanding of how to find out about customer needs
  • An understanding of the importance of service standards


Because of our exceptional training standards, our trainees understand the importance of teamwork, personal service and customer satisfaction.


Building a strong, long-term relationship with you is our key priority. Ensuring we understand your business requirements helps us to consistently provide training and recruitment solutions with greatest impact on performance.


Most importantly, we offer a professional and completely free of charge retail recruitment service to employers. We use our knowledge to skilfully prepare, screen and select the best applicants for you. Using extensive real-life experience from within the retail sector, our consultants apply their in-depth understanding to carefully matching the right person to the right role.


Once new staff are in place, our team of consultants stay in touch, offering on-going support and identifying any need for further training opportunities.


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