Dhunay’s History

Dhunay Corporation History

Integrity in Everything We Do


Dhunay Corporation was incorporated in 2008 by its Founder who is ex-HM Forces.


Dhunay was born with a sole purpose of helping its customers achieve success, whether it be organisations or people, and it has done so successfully for hundreds of customers over the last 11 years.


Dhunay takes prides in its ethos, which is one that values social impact and sustainable growth above all else. We believe in not focusing solely on monetary values but instead focusing on driving results and a quality service which in turn drives our exponential growth.


At Dhunay we believe wholeheartedly in our values and our mission. We are passionate and determined in our pursuit for excellence and strive to surpass expectations. We firmly believe in maximising the potential of every individual and organisation we work with via the services we deliver.


To us there is no failure, instead, an opportunity to absorb, evaluate and improve. We do not stand still, because we have an unwavering commitment to our customers & training and educating ourselves. We have been able to develop skills that not only benefit and inspire our team, but strengthen our ability to deliver a consistently high-quality service. Our priority is to understand your needs and to work collectively to achieve success.


Knowledge is, without doubt, the most powerful tool for change. We believe in educating people, equipping them with the ability to recognise opportunities in the challenges they face. We know when and how to act as both the rain maker and the long-term strategists.


We have a unique passion for what we do, we have spent time meticulously researching and developing our direction and as a result have a clear mission. Our organisational values provide us with the inspirational springboard to power forward. These values lie at the very heart, the very subconscious of what we do. Most importantly, they are more than just words, they are our code of practice and help us in achieving our mission with Integrity.


Our success lies in your success.