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Do you want a Job in London, UK, paying a high salary.

We are looking for talented
-Healthcare Assistants
-Other Health and Care Professionals

We are working with the NHS and British Government to offer full time permanent jobs in the UK.

We also help selected candidates understand:

-Relocation to the UK
-Accommodation in the UK
-Professional Services in the UK
-UK Life Planning
-Specialist Conversion Training
-PLAB Training
-Career Planning
-Personal Development

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You fill in this form & press the Submit button.

Step #2

You will get a call with more information and an email with your application form and assessment to complete.

Step #3

You will then have a call with one of our Specialist Medical Careers Experts to make sure that we match you to the right job.

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Candidates

I thought it was really hard to come and work in England in the United Kingdom but DhunayMedRec made it simple and helped me with good advice and a very good job. Thank you.


I needed some English training and was not that confident. DhunayMedRec helped me with my confidence and they were patient with me doing my English. I am working in the UK now and feel great.