Dhunay Corps

Online Learning – From Anywhere, At Anytime,

At No Cost To You


Working alongside our carefully selected and accredited affiliates, Dhunay Corps delivers fully funded, high impact E-Learning training solutions so that your team of employees can learn and grow with minimal business interruption.


Likewise, we understand that developing a skilled, forward-thinking workforce is vital to the performance success of your company. As part of our comprehensive training, coaching and consultancy solutions Dhunay Corps is committed to achieving this with minimal downtime. Together with a broad range of online training courses from 2-4 weeks in duration, convenient online access to your course materials and engaging, interactive formats. Each program is specifically designed for your industry.  Your workforce will not only benefit from the additional knowledge, improved expertise and the confidence to apply their new skills, but they will also enjoy the process.


Most importantly, learners will gain from working to a schedule that fits in seamlessly with the demands of their role. They will also be able to access the chosen training course at the touch of a button from anywhere. Online learning gives your staff team the freedom to explore course material and use for reference at a later date.


Alongside our trusted partners, we offer a broad range of online training courses, skills workshops and accredited qualifications including:


  • Security
  • Leadership and management
  • Teacher training
  • First Aid training
  • Food hygiene training
  • Hospitality qualifications
  • Customer service training
  • Health and safety training


The benefits of online learning for your Staff team:


  • A more comfortable learning environment
  • More convenience and flexibility
  • Greater interaction and ability to concentrate
  • Develop more technical skills and computer competency
  • Improved information retention
  • Relevant and up to date content
  • Refer back to course materials repeatedly


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